Players Against Hate

increasing awareness and supporting change for ice hockey



Divyne Apollon Sr. 

Divyne is a proud father of three children.  His two daughters play competitive tennis in college.  He is a single father of Divyne II, who began his hockey career five years ago at the age of eight.  Divyne II has been flourishing since he received an infinite love for being on the ice.  

Tammi Lynch

Tammi is a wife of 25 years to an amazingly supportive husband.  Both of her children play hockey.  She owns her own online micro-business. By education, Tammi is a middle school special education teacher and was previously an interior designer.  She is a newly declared activist and movement starter.  Tammi wishes she had additional free time to pursue her hobbies of photography, living the beach life, and visiting with friends who live near and far from her.  


Players Against Hate is determined to increase awareness and stop racism and name-calling by youth athletes, their teams and coaches, their families, and spectators.  


 To develop educational materials against hate to be used to teach players, coaches, officials, sports organizations, and spectators that hate has no place on the bench, in the game, or in the stands.  

To sponsor scholarships with monies raised by Players Against Hate to support athletes of color who want to play sports that have traditionally been less diverse. 

To grow the movement beyond hockey to other youth sports where hate impacts the athletes.