Just under four weeks ago, Players Against Hate was born in response to hate speech at a youth hockey game. Our founder could not stand by when when a player was targeted.  Tammi created a sticker that now serves as the symbol of the organization.  Divyne shared his story on social media.  It went viral.  They joined forces and are determined to stamp out racism on the ice, on the bench, and in the stands.

Early in January, a Washington Post article by Petula Dvorak highlighted the incident.  As a result, the Washington Capitals reached out to the team and hosted the players and their families at a recent home game.  This was followed by numerous newspaper articles, blog posts, tv stories, and interviews.  Support for the cause has been overwhelming.  Parents across the country have shared their stories and the stories of their children who have been targeted with racial slurs.   Players Against Hate is here to change the dialogue.  Join our movement and support our cause.  HOCKEY>hate